WIAW: lazy bones (chicken & veggie soup)

I am going to be honest with ya. I am exhausted. I am tired of work. I am tired of cleaning. I am just plain tired. So tired that my eyes are itching. (No, it’s not pink eye.)

When I am tired, I am lazy. All I want to do it sit on the couch and watch Ellen. She can turn any frown upside down. I just love her and wish I had her confidence and humorous bone.

Speaking of LAZY.. here are my foods recently for this week’s WIAW (thanks to Jenn). I haven’t been putting in any sort of effort.. but there is a yummy soup recipe 🙂




the ultimate bite…






Snack: a bowl of peanut flour.. just like the one from breakfast.

I told you, I am BORING!

BUT…. this recipe is EASY and delicious. I make it at least twice a week in the winter time…

Homemade Chicken and Vegetable Soup

-1 onion, diced
-1T garlic
-4 celery sticks
-4 carrots
-2 chicken breasts, diced
-6-10 cups chicken stock
-2 bay leaves
-black pepper (optional)

1. In a large stock pot, sautee onion and garlic until onion is translucent.
2. While onion is cooking, chop celery and carrots.
3. Stir in veggies.
4. After veggies are starting to smell yummy (and become warm), stir in chicken.
5. Add in chicken stock. Stir.
6. Throw in bay leaves and sprinkle pepper. Let soup sit until it comes to a boil.
7. Turn heat down to low. Let sit 10 minutes (or until veggies are tender to your liking).

I promise you will like this recipe. Don’t forget to take out the bay leaves!

I hope you have been more active and upbeat than I have been…

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

xoxo, Haley

Question: What pulls you out of a rut??


Sweet Potato Hash

Hash? What’s hash?  I actually had no idea!  I always heard of it as “Corned Beef Hash,” but I was a little late on that boat because I have been all out of corned beef for weeks!

Let me save you the trouble–don’t google “What is hash?” There are some interesting sites that pop up.  (Apologies–this is hash the FOOD I am referring to).

Any who–turns out HASH is a dish consisting of diced meat, potatoes, and spices that are mixed together and then cooked either alone or with other ingredients such as onions. (Source)

I went along with this yet omitted the meat.  It turned out great!


This was paired well with two eggs and sauteed cabbage (my fave).

Sweet Potato Hash

-1/4 onion, chopped
-half sweet potato, cooked & cubed
-1/2 T coconut oil
-1/4 teaspoon each of onion, garlic, paprika
-sprinkle of salt

1. Spray a pan with nonstick spray (or use more coconut oil)
2. Cook up the onion until translucent on medium-high.
3. Add in cubed sweet potato (I left the skin on) and let cubes sit in pan.
4. Leave the potato alone to get a nice sear. Then flip.
5. Stir in coconut oil. Coat potato.
6. Add in spices and stir to coat.
7. Sprinkle salt.
8. Serve up & enjoy.

Spices added…


Before I demolished the plate!

20130323-091951.jpg*I found that the coconut oil adds a whole new flavor dimension.  It really added to the dish.

xoxo, Haley

Question: Ever had a hash before?  I hadn’t! haha.. and liked it  🙂

(Make Your Own) Ground Chicken Breast Patties

It’s easy to stick some chicken breasts in the oven and top ‘em with some spices. However, this week I did something new (to me) and thought it was strange.

I have never been a fan of handling raw meat. (Anyone else immature enough to giggle at ‘raw meat?’) It grosses me out. It feels all slimy and squishy–not cool.

So, ground meat is just weird. —yuck— Especially when you have to mix it around with your bare hands and it’s squishing through your fingers. (I could vomit just typing this..)

Anywho–I decided to make my own ground chicken breasts! In the grocery store, this stuff is usually quite expensive. It is always upwards of $3 a pound (and that’s the cheapest I have seen it–Love ya, Sprouts!)


BUT, if you make it yourself, if can be as low as $1.80 a pound. Deal? YES!

Before I continue, head over to see the QUEEN of Strange but Good::: Laura!


Back to how I don’t like raw chicken (or any meat for that matter)–I put the chicken breasts in my food processor to make ground chicken breasts! Why haven’t I done this before? It was so easy and was able to add tons of flavor with herbs and veggies.

Here’s what I did and what you SHOULD do!

Chicken Breast Patties

-2 chicken breasts (mine were medium sized)

-3 T egg whites

-2 green onions, chopped

-1-2 T cilantro, chopped

-half serrano pepper, deseeded & chopped

-1 T chives

-1/2 cup grated carrot

-salt and pepper

  1. Chop green onions, cilantro, serrano, chives and grate carrot. Set aside.
  2. Roughly chop chicken.
  3. Put chicken and egg whites in food processor. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper.
  4. Process until a paste is made–should be ground up.
  5. Add in herbs and veggies. Pulse until mixed.
  6. Put meat mixture into a covered bowl and place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes (mine was in for 8 hours).
  7. Form 8 patties with chicken.
  8. Cook in a pan, under a medium broiler, or on the BBQ. Flip a few times until golden brown and cooked thoroughly.
  9. Enjoy! – Serve as sliders, on top of a salad–or however you choose!






Microwave Your Sweet Taters

Sweet Potatoes are one of my favorite foods. They are full of fiber and sweet on their own.. No need to add sweetener–although, cinnamon is necessary 😉

Besides being rich in fiber, a one cup serving of sweet potato has over 400% of your daily needed value of vitamin A. (Talk about good peepers!!!) They also have a large amount of the antioxidant, beta-carotene.

Usually starchy foods raise blood sugar, but sweet potatoes actually improve blood sugar regulation–even in persons with type 2 diabetes. Source

Basically–sweet potatoes taste great and do a body good!

I find the easiest way to cook a sweet potato is to microwave it. (Unless you food prep some in the oven…) I prefer the microwave because I cook one at a time. Here’s how I do it:::

Microwaved Sweet Potato

  1. Wash the potato thoroughly under warm water.
  2. Pierce the potato all over with a knife.
  3. Wrap the potato with a damp paper towel and place on a plate.
  4. Microwave for 5 minutes.
  5. Flip and microwave for 4:44 (because I’m crazy for 4s).
  6. Done! Be really careful when removing the potato–it is quite steamy!
  7. Cut in half and do it up!


*I usually smash with a fork and sprinkle with cinnamon and little salt for a sweet and salty dish.

Heck, I have even microwaved the tater–THEN dipped it in a protein shake! (if you follow me on instagram, you witnessed this!)

photo (10)

It is very easy and should NOT only be had at Thanksgiving time. 🙂

Need more sweet potato recipe ideas? Here are some…

Sweet Potato Baked Oatmeal

Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potato

Women’s Health Magazine Sweet Potato Recipes

Now go eat a sweet potato!

xoxo, Haley

Question: Do you like sweet potatoes?

I LOVE THEM–duh. The BF? Not so thrilled..

Strange but Good: WAS-up?


I have been known to add a little too much heat..

BUT it goes in so nicely… The spice is nice.  What else do you want me to say?

I have even made Wasabi Edamama Encrusted Chicken..

But today…….

For this Friday’s STRANGEbutGOOD Special… I bring to you..


The star of the show::::


Head over to Sprint 2 the Table and see what other wacky foods are being made today!


Looking for a sinus clearer?  Look no further…

It goes on a rice cake


It goes on a banana




-1T peanut flour* (add water to your liking)
-1t wasabi powder
-1t honey

*Sub PB or Almond Butter (paleo!!)

1. Mix all three and EAT!

I must say my favorite way to ENJOY the spread was on a rice cake WITH sliced banana 🙂


xoxo, Haley

Question: What strange things have you been enjoying lately?


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Apple Chips

APPLES are one of the foods that I EAT every. single. day. (along with carrots).


I like how crunchy and juicy they are.. mm hmm…

However, I had a couple sad looking Fuji apples in my crisper drawer. Ya know, the ones that you and your significant other or roomie just leave because neither of you wants to bite into a smushy apple?

Granted, the apples I had weren’t yet smushy per say.. Their skins just weren’t as perky as the others.

Therefore, I sliced ’em up!

This is one of the easiest snacks I have ever made.. Yes, they are time consuming, but I was delighted at the flavor these babies packed. My advice is to pop them in the oven while you do an at-home workout 🙂


Apple Chips
*(no dehydrator needed)
-1 fuji apple
-half a blood orange
-half a lemon
-1/4c water

1. Preheat oven to 250.
2. Squeeze the half of the orange and lemon into a bowl. Add water.
3. Using a mandoline slicer, slice apple into 1/8″ pieces.
4. Drench apple slices in prepared liquid.
5. Spray a sheet with nonstick spray and lay out apples.
6. Sprinkle on cinnamon.
7. Bake for 45 min.
8. Flip and bake another 45 mins.
9. Check on the slices. They should be done, but if not, flip em and keep a close eye.
10. Done-zo!




Aren’t they beautiful?! They are a perfect, healthy, and crunchy snack.

Love, Haley
Question: Ever made dry fruit? Do you have a dehydrator?

WIAW: spring break

Wednesday already?? Time flies when you’re having fun…

AKA St. Patty’s weekend full of friends & goodies!


This WIAW is a Spring Break edition because I am home and off of work. Just because I am not at work, I still try my best to stick to a schedule. (I even wake up at 5:30 to go to CrossFit!!) Call me crazy, but if I sleep in everyday, I would feel like a lazy bum!

Don’t forget to pop over to Jenn’s place & see what else is being shared on this wonderful Wednesday 🙂

Alarm went off bright and early–filled up my water bottle and grabbed a paleo Healthy Bite that I made.. ate it in my car. YUM.


At CrossFit, I always drink 2 Starbuck’s Trenta size water bottles. I drink one during the class/workout and refill for the ride home. Seems like a lot, but I need to get things moving (if ya know what I mean!)..

It was our front desk attendant’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Laura!!) and our fabulous trainer, Taysia, made Paleo Brownies (with sweet potato). I grabbed one for later & fully intend on making a version, soon.


When I got back home (~8am), made some coffee and was starved! I made an extra large protein shake this morning. It hit the spot! (recipe to follow) 🙂

IMG_3650 IMG_3654

without spinach… & with (gotta get the greens in where you can)

I even dipped a ricecake in–my favorite way to eat the shake.


Alongside the protein shake I had a Fuji apple and some unsweetened banana chips.


My tummy started growling around 11:15, but I had some errands to run. I was excited because I knew it was time to try one of my Questbars. I had half of the Cinnamon Bun.


Verdict? It was good… There was not a big cinnamon flavor like I was expecting. It was sweet (maybe like cinnamon bun icing??) with a hint of cinnamon. I am looking forward to the others in the upcoming days.

When I got back from getting a new watch battery (one of my Spring Break goals!!!!), I was hungry. Lunch was a nice balance of veggies, chicken, and a quarter of a sweet potato.


Yes, I dipped my chicken and broccoli in yellow mustard. Don’t judge. It’s STRANGEbutGOOD.


In case you were wondering, I do have a shirt that says this…

My family can attest to the fact that I have a slight obsession.

As the day went on, I snacked on a carrot and some apple chips that I made.. and if I must say so, tasted FABULOUS! I will share the recipe soon.

Dinner rolled around..about 6:45 and I had..


3/4 chicken breast with a side of cabbage, broccoli, and mushrooms.. topped with red pepper flakes–mm mm good!

Night time snack was an oldie but a goodie!  Blueberry Protein Fluff–served atop a rice cake.  A delicious way to end the night..


Nutty-cocoa-nana Protein Shake
-1 cup almond milk
-1T peanut flour (use MLS308 to save $$$)
-1 scoop chocolate protein powder
-1T cocoa powder
-1/2 banana
-1t vanilla extract
-6 ice cubes
-1/2t guar gum
-1 handful of spinach (opt)–recommended!!

*Blend ‘er up and stick in the freezer to chill.


xoxo, Haley
Question: What is your favorite Questbar flavor? I am excited to try more!