MIMM: jam packed weekend

What a great weekend—what a busy weekend!?

I am happy to say that I am exhausted from tons of fun with my mom, Dave, and CrossFit friends. My Monday is MARVELOUS because I am feeling very blessed. San Diego is a beautiful city with tons to do.. I am lucky to live here!

Here’s to another Marvelous Monday and a great week! Thanks to Katie for the link-up!


This pic cracked me up! .. I have been teaching about atoms and their protons, neutrons, and electrons to my 5th graders, so I had to share!


New favorite drink! It was made by a wonderful bartender, Robyn, at Bridges. She muddled oranges and limes with Silver Milagro tequila, and added fresh lime juice.. 20130414-102539.jpg

After Bridges, I obviously ended up at a fine establishment with this coin machine in the ladies’ restroom….


Saturday WOD was a partner workout. I had the best partner there is.. and he did his first muscle-up on the rings! Way to go 🙂 I am a proud girlfriend!


Saturday night was a 6am CrossFit East Village happy hour meet-up at La Puerta! I had a great time getting drinks (mainly margaritas with fresh lime juice–paleo!!!) with these ladies. The guys were there too, but we wanted a ladies only pic 🙂 p.s… don’t mind the spilled water on my shirt.


The BF and I went out for one more after the group went their separate ways.. We always have a great time.


And then we ended up getting hungry.. These carne asada tacos were ridiculously good! Maybe it was the tequila talking.. but I wasn’t mad at it 😉


These babies were born on Sunday.. recipe coming soon


Our wood floors were redone. So nice and purdy!


Who knew the windows flipped down like this?? We have owned our house for 2 years and I discovered this on Sunday! Definitely made for easy cleaning.


Stanley, the best copilot ever while in the car!


xoxo, Haley

Why is your Monday marvelous? Any exciting plans this week? How was the weekend?

MIMM: weekend recap in pics

I had a fabulous weekend celebrating my little sister’s birthday.  She made a trip down to San Diego to have some fun!

All-in-all, the weekend made for a MARVELOUS Monday!


Thanks again to KATIE for a MARVELOUS link-up!


-The gift I got/made her.  I switched up the “Middle Sister” to Little Sister & added in my brother 😉




-birthday girl & The BF


-Us and our friends Diana & Pete


Me, birthday girl, and The BF


-donated blankets to the San Diego Humane Society


-some HW was done–not fun, but glad it’s over!

xoxo, Haley

Question: How was your weekend?  Anything exciting coming up this week??

MIMM: Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day!



(head over to Katie’s place at Healthy Diva Eats to see what else is marvelous!!)

Today is MARVELOUS for TWO reasons (and I’m sure there are more..)

It’s the first day of APRIL–to me, April = SPRING TIME! Think flowers, sun, birds chirping…bunnies frolicking through a meadow.

AND it is Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day!  yipppeeee! 🙂

Foodie Pen Pals is a great program started by the lovely Lindsay in September 2011.  ANYONE can join!  You don’t need to be a blogger.. You just need to send a $15 package of goodies to your pen pal you have been matched up with.. Head over to Lindsay’s site for more details.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed and who doesn’t want to get fun stuff in the mail!?

In March I was sent a fun-filled package from Sarah!

FPP march

Sarah sent me:::

*simmer sauce for chicken


*a fun bruschetta spread (I think it will be great on a toasted loaf as an appetizer!)


*mulling spices


*the white and black linens beneath the goodies…


*and…the BEST part–Homemade Pure Maple Syrup!!  Her family bottles their own!  Isn’t that awesome??


Overall, I was very pleased with my fun package of foodie goodies! 🙂  I can’t wait to use the syrup in paleo cookies and other treats in the near future.


xoxo, Haley

Question: How is your Monday marvelous???

Marvelous in My Monday: weekend recap

Mondays are just MARVELOUS, aren’t they?!

Well, I believe they are.. and let me tell & show you why!MiMM

“What is Marvelous in My Monday?” you ask. A beautiful DIVA, by the name of Katie, came up with the idea to “have a positive, fun, and beautiful way to start the week!” Oftentimes, nobody looks forward to Monday.. so Katie’s linkup is to bring JOY and marvelousness to Mondays. Great idea, right?

Head over to Katie’s space (www.healthydivaeats.com) and check out what else is MARVELOUS on this Monday!


Stanley hoping I drop food


The BF and me at Monkey Paw


Coronado Coffee Stout


Representing CFEV 6am at Bub’s


Enjoying the pink snuggie on the couch


Soaked up some rays


Enjoying the sun 🙂

xoxo, Haley

Question:  Why is your Monday MARVELOUS??