Decisions, decisions

After much consideration, I have come to a difficult decision. This decision is one I did not want to have to make, but unfortunately it is for the best.

Constructing a post for the blog takes an hour or more… If I put that time and energy into my school work, I would be able to graduate early. It seems I need to step away from the food blog world and focus more on my professional life.

I will still be creeping the foodie world & cooking up a storm. I’m sure I will stop in from time to time to share a new recipe, but for now regular posts are a no-go.

Thank you to my regular readers and know I will still be around 🙂

I’m off to read and write about motivation in the workforce… Sounds fun, eh?



4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. I totally understand Haley!!! Life is priority number one!!! I try and take breaks every now and again to keep myself in check! You always know where to find us! xxoo

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