Work It (3/31-4/6)


Sunday: Easter WOD-partner workout with 40 min time cap

Cash-in: 300 m Buddy Carry
3 rds of each:
A)Run 300m
B) Burpee Box Jumps

3 rds of each:
A)Row 500m
B) Thrusters

3 rds of each:
A)100 DUs
B) Jumping Pull-ups
Cash Out: 300m KB farmer carry

What a way to start out the week!  My partner, Oscar, and I worked our way through this until the clock stopped (40 mins). The idea was that EACH partner did the round 3 times, therefore, you ended up doing them 6 times.  I had to run 300m 3x, burpee box jump (while Oscar ran 300m) 3x… and so on.  It took a while.  We got through 2 rds of the final double unders and pull-ups.  Crazy!

I did the cash out for fun 🙂

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Man Makers, 200m run between each set

Man Maker is a pushup, row, pushup, row, stand up and overhead press.

I REALLY liked this workout.  It was a great strengthening movement with the card in between.  Don’t get me wrong, I hated it while we did it.. but I was proud of finishing in 24:45 with 10 lb. weights in each hand.

Wednesday: Deadlift 7×3, Turkish Get-up AHAP 3×10 (5x per side)

125 😦  Sad face because my muscles are not strong enough to lift more (with good form).. I know form is the more important because I do not want to hurt my back, but I get frustrated when others can lift more than me.

However, I was proud of doing my 30 turkish get-ups with a 20 lb. kettlebell!  So that gets a happy face 🙂

Thursday: 5 rounds of Row 1000m, rest 3 mins between each round

This was pure torture.  I wanted to stop after the 2nd round.  I kept rowing.. and rowing.. and ended my time at 34:10.. then subtracted the rest time for 22:10.

Friday: Open Workout 13.5::: 4min AMRAP 15 thrusters, 15 chest to bar pull-ups

*I am proud of my score of 30!  Yes, the pro CrossFit girls get in the 200s (INSANE!!!) but my goal was 20.  I had never done a Thruster at 65 lb. and chest to bar are difficult.  I did use a blue band for my pull-ups (cheater) because I have not learned to kip.  Coming soon 🙂

Saturday: Another Partner WOD?!  Two in one week is killer!

photo (11)

One partner did 65lb Thrusters, 5 burpees, and a 200m sprint while the other rested.  It was as many rounds as possible in 24 minutes.  We did 12–that ain’t bad!

xoxo, Haley

Question: Any PRs this week? How did you work it?!  


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