WIAW: weekend edition

I have a confession to make.

I am not always as healthy as I come off as…

I know, I know.. but I am human. Everything in moderation, right?

This week’s What I Ate Wednesday is full of gluttony..

This past Saturday was a day complete with beer, chips, more beer, peanuts, and even a Snickers bar.

Don’t hate.


Before I continue.. don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s site and see what other people are eating today.. Guarantee it’s healthier than this!

So, Saturday morning started off great! I woke up happy and started off on the right foot with two eggs, cabbage, an apple, coffee, and sweet potato hash. YUM.


The BF even wanted to show off his breakfast.. He even set it up and took his own pic–making sure to get the Chargers cup in the back.


He had coffee, a banana, and a crunchy PB and grape jelly waffle-wich. (too cute).

Lunch rolled around, and the bad food blogger in me, and I totally forgot to snap a pic. I had a healthy lunch though–chicken and cabbage salad with dijon mustard. Nothing exciting…

Then, it happened. Everything went down hill.

First this:


(p.s. I love this bar–Monkey Paw in East Village San Diego)

This this…. Coronado Brewing Company Coffee Stout (yum)


(another favorite bar– Bub’s at the Ballpark in East Village San Diego)

At this point, I was still making “okay” decisions. Since it was time for dinner, I ordered the BBQ Chicken Salad (no BBQ sauce or dressing–it’s a super good salad). It comes with chicken, avocado, tomato, onion, cucumber, and mozzarella cheese.


Then I had this… Bluemoon with Extra Oranges (vitamin C)


And these….


And this…. (Guinness, of course–because I’m a Believer)


Which then led to these delicious Jalapeno Trio Smart Fries!


And a not-as-good-as-I-thought-it-would-be Almond Snickers (split with The BF).


Once we got home, I didn’t stop.

I had a handful of my new obsession, banana chips.


*The drunchies (drunk + munchies) have obviously set in.. and I continue with a small bowl of peanut flour, sliced banana, and a scoop of crunchy peanut butter.


(I swear, I need to learn to just go to bed!!)

Waking up Sunday, I was feeling under the weather (to say the least)… What better way to clean up my act than with a CHOBANI. The banana flavor is fabulous.


I cleaned up my eating throughout the day–and ended on a FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS note with this gem from Laura.


It’s her Microwave Protein Carrot Cake.. and, needless to say, I will make this again. I topped mine with a mixture of cottage cheese and sugar free maple syrup.

So, there ya have it. I am human and not some robot who eats healthy 100% of the time. However, I am still paying for my decisions. BUT–did I have fun? YOU BET. Would I do it over? HECK YES.

xoxo, Haley

Question: What did you think of The BF’s breakfast? I think the blogging thing is growing on him 😉

Tell me you have crazy nights where all healthy things go out the window.


7 thoughts on “WIAW: weekend edition

  1. never be sorry for enjoying yourself. i am a total beer girl and have no shame in having a few. and then a few more. i try to be healthy, but i agree with the 80/20 rule and honestly, life is too short to feel guilty about a few beers and peanuts. i mean really, it’s not like your eating big macs EVERY day, you’re out enjoying yourself and enjoying LIFE. that’s way more important.

  2. “(I swear, I need to learn to just go to bed!!)”—> This is how I feel about my nighttime snacking, regardless of if it is drunchies-induced or not. 🙂 And hey, we’ve all been there. Ain’t nothing wrong with a Snickers now and then.

    Love the banana Chobani! (Mostly that it actually tastes like bananas…you know artificial banana? That ranks just below artificial cherry, but slightly above grape, on worst fake flavors ever.)

    I want a wafflewich!!!

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