Strange but Good: WAS-up?


I have been known to add a little too much heat..

BUT it goes in so nicely… The spice is nice.  What else do you want me to say?

I have even made Wasabi Edamama Encrusted Chicken..

But today…….

For this Friday’s STRANGEbutGOOD Special… I bring to you..


The star of the show::::


Head over to Sprint 2 the Table and see what other wacky foods are being made today!


Looking for a sinus clearer?  Look no further…

It goes on a rice cake


It goes on a banana




-1T peanut flour* (add water to your liking)
-1t wasabi powder
-1t honey

*Sub PB or Almond Butter (paleo!!)

1. Mix all three and EAT!

I must say my favorite way to ENJOY the spread was on a rice cake WITH sliced banana 🙂


xoxo, Haley

Question: What strange things have you been enjoying lately?


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11 thoughts on “Strange but Good: WAS-up?

  1. If I hadn’t just made a peanut flour dip and eaten it, I’d be running to make this right now. It will happen very soon. I LOVE heat.

    Just checked out the chicken recipe too… brilliant! I may combine the two ideas…

    Thank you for linking up! Happy Friday!

  2. I’m pretty sure everything I eat is strange but good…I am the leader of the Weird Food Movement and proud of it! I once made a chili-spiced peanut butter, but it was more of a Mexican twist, not the wasabi style. I love this idea though. 🙂

  3. On a banana, huh? Innnnnnteresting! I like wasabi, but I swear, ever since my “surprising” roasted wasabi edamame experience last summer, I swear I’ve been traumatized! I threw back an entire handful of those babies and then fell to my knees in agonizing pain…it wasn’t pretty!

    • That definitely doesn’t sound fun. But YES, on a banana… The banana was the best way to eat the spread, in my opinion. It was a nice balance of heat and sweet.

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