Apple Chips

APPLES are one of the foods that I EAT every. single. day. (along with carrots).


I like how crunchy and juicy they are.. mm hmm…

However, I had a couple sad looking Fuji apples in my crisper drawer. Ya know, the ones that you and your significant other or roomie just leave because neither of you wants to bite into a smushy apple?

Granted, the apples I had weren’t yet smushy per say.. Their skins just weren’t as perky as the others.

Therefore, I sliced ’em up!

This is one of the easiest snacks I have ever made.. Yes, they are time consuming, but I was delighted at the flavor these babies packed. My advice is to pop them in the oven while you do an at-home workout 🙂


Apple Chips
*(no dehydrator needed)
-1 fuji apple
-half a blood orange
-half a lemon
-1/4c water

1. Preheat oven to 250.
2. Squeeze the half of the orange and lemon into a bowl. Add water.
3. Using a mandoline slicer, slice apple into 1/8″ pieces.
4. Drench apple slices in prepared liquid.
5. Spray a sheet with nonstick spray and lay out apples.
6. Sprinkle on cinnamon.
7. Bake for 45 min.
8. Flip and bake another 45 mins.
9. Check on the slices. They should be done, but if not, flip em and keep a close eye.
10. Done-zo!




Aren’t they beautiful?! They are a perfect, healthy, and crunchy snack.

Love, Haley
Question: Ever made dry fruit? Do you have a dehydrator?


7 thoughts on “Apple Chips

  1. Well those are a lot more beautiful and fancy than my toaster oven, apple peel version. 🙂 I think I’m just too impatient to wait! However, I have suffered through slow roasting tomatoes before, and the wait is DEFINITELY worth it in most of these situations…

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