(Healthy) Bites of Joy

I was waiting, what felt like forever, for my Healthy Bites in the mail! In reality, it was only a couple of days, but I was excited!
When I received them, I put them directly in the freezer to firm up. I then kept them in the fridge to stay in their ball shape 🙂 (The nut butters will become soft, if left out.) The next morning I tried my first bite…
The Verdict??? YUM!!
When I got home from work that day, I noticed some missing.
The Culprit??? The BF!!
His thoughts??? Delicious! He was in love… & I realized I had to hide them.
What are Healthy Bites you ask??
Healthy Bites is a company built and ran by a lovely lady named Lindsay and her pro-triathlete hubby, James. According to the Healthy Bites site, “Healthy Bites is a company dedicated to providing healthy snack and fuel options for all people.”
The bites are made mostly of gluten-free and organic infredients. When you place an order, the bites come packed, by flavor, with all of the ingredients placed on the outside.
“The mission is to offer the most minimally processed bites proving to people that eating healthy can taste really good while still being really good for you. “
The bites run between 50 and 80 calories a bite and have roughly 3 grams of protein.
I have loved eating a bite every morning before my 6am CrossFit class. It is the perfect amount to get me going and give me the energy I need.
(me, in my car)
I suggest you head over to the site http://www.cottercrunch.com/healthy-bites-2/ to find out more info..
To order, you will email Lindsay (Lindsay@ourhealthybites.com) after clicking here: http://www.cottercrunch.com/order-healthy-bites/ and looking at the flavors.
I suggest the Paleo Muddy Buddy Mocha and Dark Chocolate Cherry Chia—The BF recommends the Muddy Buddy & Mint Chocolate Chip.
My short and sweet thoughts on the bites::
Paleo Mocha Buddy: chocolate forward, fabulous
Key Lime: slightly sour, feeling of coconut
Strawberry Whey: sweet, strawberry goodness, hiddenwhite gems that were possibly white chocolate?
Mint Chocolate: perfectly balanced with chocolate and mint
Dark Chocolate Cherry Chia: chocolatey with a chewy texture from the couple of dried cherries–also added a sour taste
It was a sad day when this happened…. gone 😦
soooo…. head on over to Lindsay’s site and check ’em out! If you don’t want to order a batch, buy the recipe book! I did 😉
xoxo, Haley
Question: What’s your favorite way to fuel before a workout?

P.s….these are my own vanilla whey good bites 🙂 thanks Lindsay for the recipe book!


6 thoughts on “(Healthy) Bites of Joy

  1. thank you for such great feedback. It’s ALWAYS appreciated! oh and i tweaked the key lime pie a little more. Less lime, more vanilla. Much better. You got my first draft, hehe, thanks for being the guinea pig!

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