Twenty Things I’m Thankful For..

Being a part of the healthy sELF group is about having friends to hold you accountable and to share great, healthy ideas!  A big thanks to Lindsay, Elle, Allison, Brittany, Amalia, Divya, and Gina for being amazing ambassadors!

One of the challenges for healthy sELF for the month of March is to write down 20 things you are thankful for… I thought I would share my list with you all.  Enjoy 🙂

Twenty Things I am Thankful For…

1.       David: he has taught me to love

2.       Stanley: my fur baby who loves me unconditionally

3.       My family: their support day in and day out

4.       My friends & blends: in person or on in the internet–you all keep me entertained!

5.       My beautiful house: blessed to have a roof over my head

6.       My teaching job: the innocence of children

7.       CrossFit: teaches me focus and determination

8.       My body: the incredible things it can do

9.       San Diego: all it has to offer (downtown, hiking, zoo, Balboa Park, good beer–hehe)

10.   Pink: all things pink—cheerful color

11.   My car: the fact it’s paid off

12.   Coffee!: freshly brewed.. the smell is tantalizing 

13.   Sunshine: warmth on my skin

14.   Wine… swirl, sniff, & sip

15.   Laughter: it’s the best medicine

16.   Cookbooks: inspiration for cooking and baking

17.   Sprouts Farmer’s Market: have great deals & love the bulk bins!

18.   Apples & Carrots (I eat like a horse): so crunchy and a great stress reliever 🙂

19.   Food: gives me LIFE

20.   Life: its many experiences—ups & downs

xoxo, Haley

Question: What are you thankful for today??


6 thoughts on “Twenty Things I’m Thankful For..

  1. What a great post! 🙂 It’s great to remind everyone to remember the things they should be thankful for in life! I am so grateful for my family, the roof over my head, my car, my ability to walk, talk, etc… I don’t take ANYTHING for granted at all!

  2. Awesome post. I know that I sometimes forget about all of the little things that I should be thankful for. It is nice to think about and be reminded of these things now and then. It sure makes having a “bad day” not seem all that bad! 🙂

    • Thank you! Glad ya liked it.. I like to remind myself how LUCKY I am to be where I am at in life. There are so many people out there who have so much less than me.. I am truly blessed.. as most of us are!

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