New Balance Minimus Zero review

After running half-marathons and a full marathon last year, I was a firm believer that my shoes needed to have support. To me, the cushier the better. Even with cushion, the balls of my feet and heels would be in pain. Why would I want to try the barefoot running shoes?

Until now. New Balance has changed me!


I must say that I am not running these days. I do CrossFit. When I started CrossFit in early December 2012, I continued wearing my cushiony running shoes. I thought I needed the support.

I was wrong. When lifting a large amount (to me) of weight, the lower to the ground, the better. If there is too big of a sole, the foot may put pressure on the outer edge and the ankle will buckle.

According to the New Balance website, the “Minimus is a whole new approach to athletic footwear, inspired by Good Form Running and designed to be worn with or without socks. The Minimus Zero running shoe (WR00) is engineered for use on pavement and other varied running surfaces. Supremely comfortable and extremely lightweight, the Minimus Zero is taking the running world by storm.”


The shoes have been great during all WODS (lifting, running, jumping) because of how light and flexible they are. I have yet to run a long distance in the shoes. I know most people do, but for me, I would want a cushion due to the pain that comes in my footsies.


Since being made of mesh, the shoes are able to “breathe” and dry off quickly. I have yet to wear them without socks (not really my thing), but as mentioned on the site, this is acceptable. The shoe has a “0mm heel-to-toe drop and is designed to mimic the natural shape of the foot, providing a more fitted feel that is similar to a comfortable sock.” Source


One of the things I love most about these shoes are the little circles on the bottom.  The concentric circles act like suction cups to add traction.  I have found this to be especially helpful during box jumps and lifting heavy.  My feet stay put!

All-in-all, I highly recommend these shoes if you are in the market for a minimus shoes. Who knows? You may turn out to be convert, like me!

xoxo, Haley

Question: Have you ever tried a minimus shoe? Like it??


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