Work It (2/17-2/23)

This week’s workouts were a doozy!  The previous week I was down and out with the flu, hence the reason I went balls to the wall this week!

Sunday: FRAN! 




I completed the beast in 6:36.  The pull-ups were done assisted with a green band (middle amount of help) and Thrusters were done with 45 lbs.  Obviously the goal is to conquer Fran prescribed which is unassisted pull-ups and 65 lbs.  ……One day……

Monday: Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

You were to work up to a max for three reps.  I did 60 lbs (sadly).  Shoulder press is very difficult for me!  I cringe when I see it.  Then again, if it is something I need to work on, I should be thankful.



This was intense!  I ended up with 5 rounds + 200 meters in the 6th round.  Again, I used the green band to assist my pull-ups.



This workout was probably the most challenging!  The deadlifts were the worst part of the WOD.  I finished my three rounds in 26:40.  I used 95 lb. for my first round then switched to 85 lb. for the final two.  I dropped weight because my back started rounding and I didn’t want to strain it.  Pull-ups were done with a green band and I used 20 inches to jump. After the WOD, I was bummed I didn’t use 24 inches..  I know I could have completed the higher jump, but oh well.. next time.

Thursday: For time:

20 front squat, (M)135lb, (F)95lb

30 box jumps, (M)24inch, (F)20inch

40 kb swings, (M)55lb, (F)35lb

50 wall balls, (M)20lb, (F)14lb

This WOD was fun.  I liked the mixture of movements.  I did not use 95 for a front squat.  Maybe if we were doing three reps, but 20?? No way, Jose.  I used 65 lb.

Friday: AMRAP

Max burpees for 2 minutes

Rest 1 min.

Max air squats for 2 minutes

Rest 1 min.

Max toes to bar for 2 minutes

We were to keep track of our numbers and add them up for a final score.  My #s were 33-84-31.  33 burpees, 84 air squats, and 31 knees to chest. (toes to bar is still sporadic for me)–workin on it!

Saturday: REST!!…and happy about it!

xoxo, Haley

Question: How was your week of workouts?  Did you have a fave or set any PRs???


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