WIAW: typical day

Considering my first WIAW post was about what I ate while I was sick, I thought I would do a “typical” day.

I don’t know if there really is a “typical” day of eats in my life because I am switching thingsup a lot… However, nothing was truly special today or out of the ordinary.  So, here goes!


Be sure to stop over to www.peasandcrayons.com to see what Jenn and tons others are eating this Wednesday.

I ALWAYS start my day off by reading the newspaper.  I was glad to read this article.


THANK GOODNESS!  Healthy better damn well be the new skinny.  My favorite part was number three of the positive changes to make:

“Focus on appreciating your body – no matter what your weight is. Build your self-esteem by recognizing all the amazing things your body does for you.”  Thank you to Ursula Ridens for this fabulous article.

As I read the paper, I eat breakfast (8:00am).  My breakfast today was a new recipe Ithrew together in the blender.



(recipe at the end)… sorry to keep you waiting 😉

Along with the shake, I enjoyed a Jonagold apple (which by the way, are 49 cents a pound at Sprouts this week!!!!!!)


Off to work I went…. My schedule doesn’t permit me to have a snack.  I don’t worry though because lunch arrives at 11:45 (only 3 hours after breakfast–perfect!)

Lunch was half a chicken  breast (love love love Sunday food prep), broccoli, and a hard-boiled egg (again, food prep is key!).


This lunch was strangely filling… Maybe it was the protein in the chicken and egg and the fiber in the broccoli??  I didn’t snack until it was dinner time..

Okay, maybe I munched on some spaghetti squash.  Hey, I had to make sure it was done!

Dinner was a play on Pad Thai.  It included spaghetti squash, chicken, lime juice, peanut flour, green onions, garlic, egg, and cilantro.


Low in calorie, high in protein & veggies.  Does it get any better?

One of these days I will post the recipe.

Bedtime snack quickly approached (8pm)…

Strawberry Fluff called my name & I answered 😉


Please do yourself a favor and make this shake.



-1 cup almond milk

-1/2 cup cottage cheese

-1 scoop vanilla protein

-1/2 t almond extract

-1/2 t vanilla extract

-1/2 t butter extract

-5 ice cubes

-1/4 t xanthan gum & 1/4 t guar gum (optional for thicker shake)

*Blend it all..

*Throw it in the freezer to chill….

*Eat. Seriously, your mind will be blown!  BAM.


18 thoughts on “WIAW: typical day

  1. LOVE Sprouts! Hm, I am still a little iffy on the flavor of cottage cheese but there are so many good ways to use it! And great quote about appreciating one’s self 🙂 I agree and it’s always good to hear again.

  2. I really need to get myself some butter extract. I see so many awesome recipes involving it, and I usually have to pass em up.. I mean vanilla is good, but just doesn’t give the flavor that the butter does.. boo!

  3. Mmm butter extract sounds strangely delicious! Peanut sauce + chicken is the perfect pairing aaand of course you know I love rice cakes 😉 I watch the Today Show every morning while eating breakfast – nothing like a lighthearted dose of news to start your day 😛

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  5. yummy, i put cottage cheese in my protein shakes as well to make them thicker. and thank you so much for sharing that article, healthy is the new skinny. i hope you don’t mind if i share it sometime on my blog, it’s very inspiring and i love that it emphasizing positive effects of healthy eating 🙂

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