Strange but Good: Cake Toppers

One of these days I will marry the love of my life and be able to pick out a show-stopping cake topper.

Like this…



Or this…



Maybe even this…



But until that love-filled day, I will stick to topping my own cakes. Rice cakes.

It’s that time of week again. Yes, it’s Friday. That only means one thing. It’s STRANGE but GOOD – check out Laura’s site to see what other strange things are being cooked up!

sprint2table-strangebutgood-GREEN-2 Last Friday I dazzled you with my Chili Mango Fluff – on a rice cake.


I quickly realized you can put just about anything on a rice cake. It is as if they are a blank canvas just waiting to have paint slathered all over it. And that is just what I did… From sweet to savory, I tried many things to top my cake.

Side Note: excuse the horrible pics and lighting 🙂


PB Fluff!! (recipe at the bottom)


Easy-Peasy Mexi Chicken & Cabbage


Peanut Flour & SF Strawberry Jelly


Just Peanut Flour


Strawberry Chobani, Chia Seeds, Cottage Cheese


SF Strawberry Jelly & Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa Powder


Strawberry Chobani, SF Strawberry Jelly, Banana Slices, Peanut Flour


Hummus & Avocado


Strawberry Chobani & Peanut Flour


Banana Slice, Plain Chobani, Peanut Flour, SF Jelly



Last week, Allison mentioned she had done this… So, I followed her lead!  I am glad I did because this tastes like peanutty cheesecake filling.

-1/2 cup cottage cheese

-1/2 T vanilla

-1T peanut flour

-Sweetener (stevia, truvia.. whateva you choose)

*Put all ingredients in blender & turn her on!

Side Note: I would have added a dash of almond milk, but we were all out.  It still tasted delicious!


Noticing a trend… I seem to love Chobani and peanut flour. Do you blame me?


If you want your own bag of Protein Plus, Roasted Peanut Flour, head over to and use the code MLS308 to save $10 off your order! Pic Source

Happy Friday!

xoxo, Haley

Question: What else do you think could go on top of a rice cake??


10 thoughts on “Strange but Good: Cake Toppers

  1. Thos cake toppers crack me up! I want the one where she’s grabbing his bum!

    LOVE fluff! I make this combo ALL the time. I almost did it this morning on my english muffin, but decided Friday deserves NuttZo, 🙂

    • Yes, the bum one cracks me up. It looks just like the card I got my BF for Valentines Day (except it was 2 old geezers)… You’re right about Fridays & Nuttzo (I’m just saying that because I have never tried it.. hehe)

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