Strange but Good: Chili Mango Fluff

Each week I do a STRANGE but GOOD post on Friday.

These posts are my ideas but only because Laura does a fabulous job linking up all these crazy recipes.

Recently, Laura posted a recipe for Blueberry Cheesecake Fluff.  I was intrigued.

I took a trip to my local Sprouts and walked around to get some flavor ideas…

The mango caught my eye (it helped it was on sale).  Now I had my fruit, but what add-ins?  What could I blend with the mango to enhance its flavor and give it a kick?  …CAYENNE!

So, the Chili Mango Fluff was born!

I followed Laura’s recipe for the base of the fluff, but then I added my flavors…


-1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese

-Mango (I think I used about 2/3 after I hacked it up)

-Sweetener of choice

-Cayenne (the more the merrier!)

-1/2 t vanilla extract

-Milk (I used Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk)

-Rice cake (I used Quaker-Lightly Salted)


1. Put everything in the blender (minus the rice cake).  Use as much milk as needed to get everything moving around.

2. When everything is nicely blended, put it on top of the rice cake.

3. Top with an extra slice of mango and some dashes of cayenne.

4. ENJOY!!

*Note: There is much more fluff made than what is pictured… I ate the rest with a spoon =)


Cottage Cheese and Hacked Mango





Go make this now.  The creamy fluff is sweet yet spicy.  The rice cake is good but the fluff is just as good on a spoon.  Kinda like how I enjoy my peanut butter… straight outta the jar!


Heaven on a Cake


xoxo, Haley

Question: Have you ever had mango with chili?  Sprouts sells dried mango with chili flavoring.. hmm.. Next stop?


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