Thrust This!

Tuesday’s WOD was a tough one!  It involved Thrusters and Running.


It was a total of 60 Thrusters and one mile.  Yowza!

I thought about posting about fitness today since posts have been a whole lotta food lately.  So, without further ado….




Thrusters are a CrossFit workout that are usually known to be in FRAN.  Yes, THE FRAN workout.

Thrusters are a FULL BODY movement that moves weight through a large range of motion.

The movement is basically a front squat combined with a push press.



A thruster begins from a standing position (feet shoulder width or slightly further) with the bar in a front rack placement with elbows high.

Then, a front squat is performed making sure to break parallel when lowering down.

Next, stand up from the squat and, with big hips and power from the heels, drive the bar overhead.

The ending position is bar overhead, locked out arms, and head poking through raised arms.

*This motion is easy to do repeatedly (like in Fran).  Once the bar is overhead, lower it back to shoulder height/front rack position, and then begin the front squat again.

Thruster Cues to Keep in Mind…

-Elbows high when in rack position

-Use hips and heels for power to get bar overhead

xoxo, Haley

Question: Do you like thrusters??

Personally, I enjoy thrusters.  They are a fast movement that work the entire body.  =)


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