The Big Five-Oh

Today marks the fiftieth year of my mom’s birth. She may kill me for telling you that, but I want her to be proud of what she has overcome and who she is today.

Most people wonder about Punxatawny Phil and his shadow today.. They are thankful if he does not see his shadow and spring will be early. Today I am thankful for my mom.


On the other hand, maybe I should be thankful that my grandma and grandpa had a third child after my two nutty uncles. (Love ya Uncle Gary and miss you Uncle John).


My mom has been my biggest cheerleader since day one- about 27.5 years ago.. Or more if ya count the nine months I spent in her belly.. Heck, I enjoyed it so much that I stayed an extra week. (She always reminds me of that week, too.)20130201-112056.jpg

We have been through many, many thick and thin times.. However, I would not change a thing because it is the tough times that have made us who we are today.


We are strong women. We are giving women. We are loving women.


Mom, I love you to the moon and back.  Thank you for everything over the past 27 years… May you live 50 more!

IMG_1171 IMG_1057 IMG_0778 IMG_0527

xoxo, Haley

Question: No question!  

Just wish my mom a happy birthday!! =)


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