Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend down and back to work. Why do they go by so quickly?

I spent Friday night playing bunco with my monthly bunco group ladies.


For those of you who have never heard of this game, google it now. Basically a group of 12 women get together, roll dice, snack on munchies, and drink.. A lot. It is so much fun and I look forward to the last Friday if every month. In February we play at my house.. I’m looking forward to sharing the post with you all because I have some fun recipes!

Saturday’s plans were to drop Stanley off at doggie daycare for the night (Bark Boulevard) and head to Los Angeles for our friend’s birthday. I was lucky enough to have The BF drive so I could get some work done. (He’s the best!) the drive took about two hours and then some.. Flew by because my face was stuck in my computer.

We got to Blake and Lia’s (it was Blake’s birthday) and were hungry. Luckily, they live super close to The Grove shopping center. You would recognize the name if you ever watch Extra with Mario Lopez (AC Slater). The BF and I got a kick out of the fact they film twice a week in front of these huge fountains.. then pick up like they were not even there…


oh, AC, where did the “Saved By the Bell” days go?


We walked around The Farmers Market to find some lunch. It was a neat area that had every type of food you can think of.. There are vendors that are selling artisan type things as well. We chose a counter top eatery called Loteria. It was a unique Mexican spot with more chipotle and mole flavors. I ordered The Summer Salad and topped it with their chipotle salsa. No pics were taken because I didn’t want to embarrass Blake on his birthday 🙂 but the salad was a bed of romaine and spring lettuce with jicama, avocado, tomato, cucumber, cotinga cheese, and pepitas. I was pleasantly surprised how delicious it was!

We then strolled to Planet Dailies and had a drink at the roof top bar called Mixology. I commented several times that I felt like I was at Miami Beach. The booths were swanky couches with palm trees blowing in the wind. It was a beautiful place to enjoy the sunshine.

Our next stop was back to Blake and Lia’s to relax before the shenanigans began…

Eventually, this ensued…


Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?? It is now my favorite game. I suggest you look it up. Lia informed me that you can actually print out the cards and have them cut at Staples… The site even tells you which container to buy at The Container Store to hold the cards. We had a blast playing the game and drinking some libations 🙂


Lia and Blake


Me and The BF

I stuck with beer for the night.. My favorite, by far, was the Six Rivers Brewery Chili Pepper Spicy Ale! Spice is nice, right?

IMG_2734 IMG_2738

I also rolled with a Lost Coast Brewery Raspberry Brown. Fruity and yummy.

We walked over to The Rosewood Tavern.

IMG_2745 IMG_2744

It’s a local bar that specializes in whiskey. If you see in the pic, they have a huge wall dedicated to it and even have a ladder to get to some! I had the Telegraph White Ale that was sour yet tasty. It would be a perfect beer on a warm, summer day while sitting on the porch. Very refreshing.


Lia and Me

We meandered over to The Kibitz after one drink.. It was a small bar, sorta divey. Okay, very divey. There was a live band playing. They were so good…I didn’t get their name nor did I pay attention. (Aka not good)…


Us 4!

Eventually we made our way home. The birthday boy enjoyed himself a lot that night.. And a great time was had by all!!

Happy birthday, Blake! Here’s to many more…

Xoxo, Haley

Question: ever played Cards Against Humanity??


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