Sleepy Haley

Woke up this morning at 4am to bring The BF to the airport.  I know, 4am is an ungodly hour.  Before I get to today, let’s recap last night’s dinner!



Every year my grandpa gets me a gift certificate to The Olive Garden.  Every year.  Never fails.  So, The BF and I go to Olive Garden once a year.  Last night we used the money to spend a nice night out.  When we arrived we were greeted and seated shortly thereafter.  Our hostess was pleasant and the waiter came and took our drink order.  He promptly came back to deliver our drinks but then we did not see him for a long while……..  This was not very good because I was becoming VERY hangry.  

I had received an email about the restaurant’s new Lighter Fare menu.  I was intrigued…. After scoping out the menu beforehand (of course), I decided on ordering the Venetian Apricot Chicken.  Usually I would just order the endless soup and salad, but I knew I wanted more protein.

I was pleasantly surprised that the endless salad came with the entree… so, I loaded up (five times).

photo (6)


There is something about the crispiness of iceberg letter that gets me..

When my entree came out, I was a little bummed the vegetables did not include asparagus and tomatoes (as the menu said

it did).  On the other hand, it was delicious!

photo 5

I asked for the apricot glaze on the side, and I was VERY glad I did.  The sauce was tasty but I am not a fan of sweet sauces – the spice is nice.  The chicken was cooked perfectly and had a nice charbroiled taste to it.  If you are going to Olive Garden anytime soon, I recommend this dish!

I’m sleepy!!!  Waking up at 4am is exhausting!  After we left the house, we HAD to make a stop at 7-11 for their $1 ANYSIZE coffee because it’s Wednesday!  As some of you know, I posted a pic on instagram of 7-11 coffee.  I confessed that I love it and love it more than Starbucks.  7-11 has so many choices.  This morning I went with the Blueberry tasting coffee.. YUM-O!

Crossfit didn’t begin until 6, and let’s be honest, if I went home–my bed would have won.

photo 1Seriously?  SEVENTY BURPEES at the END of a WOD?  It was intense…..  I was a sweaty mess and my heart was pounding out of my chest.  It was a good thing I had coffee beforehand.. Not sure if I would have made it!

Now that I have been up since 4, done a ridiculous WOD, I need a nap!

Question: Have you ever been to Olive Garden? How do you feel about iceberg lettuce?

xoxo, Haley



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