Another Weekend in the Books

Waking up on Sunday I knew I HAD to get my butt into gear.  I did not do a single thing on Saturday.  I sat on the couch and watched football. I didn’t shower. I never got out of my pajamas.  Lazy, yeah?

Before I get to the WOD, let’s talk food.

Breakfast was a #fail.

photo 1

Then again, maybe a blessing in disguise?

I was planning on using the remainder of the spaghetti squash I had from dinner the other night to make some sort of a pancake.  Well, that recipe is going to have to wait to be shared.  Let’s just say it ended up being a mess scramble on my plate.  It tasted good, just wasn’t pretty.


The BF was gone all morning, so when he texted to ask if I wanted mini tacos from our local Mexican restaurant (Super Oscar’s), I told him to count me in.  This place has the BEST tacos and spicy carrots.  I had three mini carne asada tacos and drowned them in hot sauce.  The spice is nice…

photo 3

After lunch I knew I needed my food to digest a little because, let’s be honest, Mexican food and a tough workout NEVER mix.  So, we took an old TV and some weed wackers to a local electronic recycling event.  What a great idea?!  It was so easy.  We drove up, turned off the car, and people came and took our junk!  Genius and very helpful.


Since I skipped yesterday’s workout (due to laziness), I went at it today.  It was a partner workout that looked like this:


For time:
50 Wall ball shots
20 Pull ups
20 Push ups
40 Wall ball shots
16 Pull ups
16 Push ups
30 Wall ball shots
12 Pull ups
12 Push ups
20 Wall ball shots
8 Pull ups
8 Push ups
10 Wall ball shots
4 Pull ups
4 Push ups

Complete with a partner. One person does wall balls and pull-ups at a time, pushups must be done together, partner style.

Since I didn’t have a partner to complete it with, I did half of all of the wall balls and pull-ups and ALL of the push-ups.  It ended up being a nice arm burner and took me 9:34 with a 14 pound ball and assisted pull-ups.

wall ball target

wall ball target

The rest of our Sunday was spent relaxing & food planning for the week….

Oh yeah, and saving some mula at Vons.. CHECK IT! 83% savings (sorry for the blurry pic)

photo (4)

Enjoy your week!  xoxo, Haley

Question: How was your weekend? Watch any football??


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