Strange But Good: Sriracha Dressing

Nowadays you can’t go to a blog and not find the spicy goodness that is called SRIRACHA.  I swear, this stuff is great on anything.

I use it for my stir-frys, my eggs, and not to mention… my salads.

Yes, I have used it as a salad dressing on more than one occasion.  That is why my featured salad is a STRANGE BUT GOOD.  (Head over to Sprint2theTable to see what Laura’s made up!!)


the spice is nice…

I am not sure if it is more strange to put sriracha on a salad… or cottage cheese.  This was one of those meals where cleaning out the refrigerator was more important than cooking up more chicken breasts…

Either way, it was GOOD.

Question: Anyone else put sriracha on a salad?  Or have my taste buds been burned off?

hot, hot, hot… xoxo, Haley


3 thoughts on “Strange But Good: Sriracha Dressing

  1. Oh man, I’m seeing that sriracha dressing everywhere! I’m really keen to try it, it looks real good on your salad. How spicy is it? 🙂

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