Fit Friday: Overhead Squats

Happy Fit Friday!

My day started at 5:30 when the alarm went off to get my butt to CrossFit.  I was a little bummed to see the WOD was all overhead squats.  I am so not a fan! It feels very unnatural to hold the bar over my head with my arms spread so far apart.  Oh well.. gotta #getafterit. Right?


Warm-Up / Skill:
Overhead squat positioning

Overhead Squat  (3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1)

For today’s Fit Friday I thought I would go over some of the cues for a proper overhead squat.  (By no means am I a pro at this.. I’m just a good listener to my trainer).

An overhead squat should begin with the bar in the back squat position and dip and drive to bring the bar overhead.  Hands are positioned in a V and arms are locked out.



Once your shoulders are engaged, arms locked out, and tummy is tight, lower down to break parallel.  Keep your weight in your heels.  The key is to remember to have strong shoulders and inside of elbows point up.  It should feel almost as if you are trying to pull the bar apart.



After breaking parallel, push from your heels to stand back up while holding the bar overhead.  Use power from your hips, glutes, and core to raise up. Wa-la!

There’s a lot to remember… but eventually I will get the hang of these… After all, they are not for everyone.



Question: Any other tips to make overhead squats easier?  Am I the only one who finds them awkward??

Have a great rest of the day… xoxo, Haley


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